About us

BASIL is a free one-day sustainable festival that will take place on Saturday September 4th at Garenmarkt in Leiden. The festival is organized by members of student association V.S.L. Catena in Leiden. Three years ago was the first version of BASIL. The festival provides a platform for sustainable initiatives and promotes a green way of life. In addition, the festival itself has been set up sustainably with the aim of putting as little pressure as possible on the environment and the surroundings. BASIL opens with lectures and various workshops dedicated to sustainability. In addition, there will be food stands, a pop-up market and live performances from different bands throughout the day.

Our goal

BASIL aims to inform people about sustainability and to generate enthusiasm for it. We want to do this in a positive and relaxed way. Sustainability should not get in the way of fun, and can actually help with this. We want to provide a platform for different organisations and hope to make the local population aware of green alternatives. We will do this by creating a sustainable party for the whole of Leiden and its surroundings.

Who are we

BASIL is organized annually by students of V.S.L Catena in Leiden. In 2016 the first version of BASIL: Catena Open Air took place, organized by the catena open air committee (or Airco). In 2018 it was decided to set up Stichting Hathor as an umbrella foundation for BASIL. Every year a new committee of enthusiastic members is formed that form the board of this foundation. They are motivated to create a greener world and hope to be able to transfer their vision with this festival. For this year, the board consists of these amazing people:

Activities and Lectures Sophia de Hek
AcquisitionBjarne Lubbers
Simone Rietberg
General MembersBjarne Lubbers
Elisa Stapel
Bands and ActsSanne Leenders
CateringJoyce van Wordragen
External accessorSimone Rietberg
LogisticsOphir Waasdorp
TreasurerJonathan Koh
StaffJason Langeveld
PromotionJoyce van Wordragen
SecretaryArlène Tuijn
TechniqueJenna Giesbergen
DecorationAnnelies Ruijs
ChairRobin Sanchez of Ginkel

Do you want to learn more about this nice board and why people are on this board? And how we think about sustainability and a fun festival? We have a Meet the Team page in which we tell all that!