General program

The general program is all the other things that can be experienced at Basil festival, which are not on the stage This year we will have a super nice sustainable pop-up market. Here you can find several stalls that contribute to a more sustainable life in their own way. Of course, there is also something for the little ones, so that everyone can have a good time. This is also the perfect opportunity for children to get acquainted with a festival and with sustainability!

Aside from our own merchandise stand, our stalls this year will be filled by a variety of sustainable companies and good causes, such as:

Beehound will be selling a selection of their handmade crocheted items.
Pien will be selling an assortment of items such as hats, pillows, etc. All of them made of repurposed clothes and fabrics.
Slakjespost will be selling lovely handmade cards.
Vereniging Natuurmonumenten is an association focused on protecting nature and valuable landscapes in the Netherlands.
Stichting Ideewinkel is a foundation promoting and sharing ideas regarding sustainability in Leiden.
WE ARE is an exhibition about the bioindustry. They’ll be showing a small part of their collection as well as doing some spoken word performances.
Kleine Planeet is a café/pop-up shop in the heart of Leiden, focused on providing a place for parents to relax which is also welcoming to the little ones. They’ll be selling an assortment of their wares.
Huurbuur is a fresh, new initiative to help out in your neighbourhood. You can sign up, advertise a task you need doing, and get help from one of your neighbours in fixing it for you. And in turn, of course, you can react to advertised tasks and help out your neighbours yourself.
Stichting 2030 is a foundation connecting people from various sustainable causes to improve relations so they can help each other out where needed. The month of September is dedicated to sustainability and Festival 2030 is big part of this. This year, Basil is a part of the Festival 2030 programming, so they’ll also be joining us with their own stand.
Energie Huurders will be gathering and sharing information about how to make a difference when renting a house. Think about conserving energy, etc.