Q: What are the enterance costs?

A: BASIL is entirely free!

Q: Do you use coins instead of money?

A: No! Unlike other years, we will not be using coins. We will use a combination of card payment and QR codes. As for the stands, they decide for themselves what payment methods they use.

Q: How much does a coin cost?

A: We won’t be using coins this year.

Q: Do I need to pay for a sip of water?

A: Of course not! On the corner of the Garenmarkt is a water tap point. Bring your own bottle, or get yourself a very nice new one with the BASIL logo. We also have a bar and terrace where we serve a variety of mild alcoholic and soft drinks, and here the water will be free as well. We expect good weather, so make sure to stay hydrated throughout the day!

Q: Are dogs allowed on the terrain?

A: Except for the terrace, the terrain won’t be closed of this year, so most of the park will still be open for Fifi’s daily walk.

Q: What kind of food is there on the terrain?

A: You’ll be able to get yourself some delicious meals made by our cooks, as well as sandwiches and tosti’s. There will also be external parties with foodtrucks on the terrain, so you definitely won’t starve!