Food and Drinks

Aside from a bar and terrace where we will serve you a variety of soft drinks and and mild alcoholic drinks and cocktails. Aside from that we will have a number of stands serving you delicious food and coffee.

ToCoCatena’s own sandwich committee will provide us with the tastiest sandwiches and tostis
CoCoA really tasty cocktail is hard to find, luckily there is our very own cocktail committee providing you with some nice cocktails.
The BucketOf course, a festival is not complete without a good fast food stand.
World of Coffee & BeansThere for all your caffeine needs.
VSA LeidenThe Vegan Student Association will be there to serve delicious bread with homemade hummus and grilled veggies

All our food and drink stands will focus on sustainability and our slogan ‘Basil, Beasty, Bush’. Most of our food is vegetarian and vegan. We try to introduce you to this world in a playful way, so that it does not feel difficult at all. Living more sustainibly is often in small things that can be adjusted in your life.