Meet the Team

Hey! I’m Annelies, freshman Cateniaan and so I’m really a rookie in everything. I’m studying communication, but for BASIL, I’m into decorating. That’s super fun and I feel totally blessed to be part of such a cozy committee. Secretly I miss all festivals very much, so being able to plan one is definitely a bright spot throughout the year! If I can make a sustainable choice I immediately feel completely happy and with a little attention it is very easy. Another thing that always makes me happy; music! I’m so looking forward to seeing all this on BASIL ’21.

Ik ben Arlène, Ik houd van thee, muziek en warme sokken en ik ben de 28 jarige commissie oma. Vorig jaar deed ik de promotie en ik vond de ervaring zo leuk dat ik nog een jaartje door ga, dit keer als secretaris. Ik studeerde rechten, maar ben er inmiddels achter dat ik mensen veel interessanter vind en hoop volgend jaar Psychologie te doen. Zoals een groot deel van de commissie heb ook ik een passie voor mens en natuur. Mijn hoop voor Basil is te laten zien dat duurzaamheid voor iedereen is! Duurzaamheid is niet stoffig en ouderwets, niet moeilijk, en kan juist leuk zijn! Mijn eigen interesse ligt voornamelijk bij alles wat met gezonde, ethische voeding en cruelty-free cosmetica te maken heeft. Ook vind ik het leuk om creatief te zijn met dingen hergebruiken. Ik klets er graag over, dus als je me ziet rondwaggelen op Basil, kom vooral hoi zeggen!

Hello there! My name is Bjarne and I’m a third-year Catenian. Music is a big part of my life so it’s no surprise that I’m listening to music at any time of the day. I grew up in the countryside and have always had a lot of love for nature, so a sustainable festival was immediately to my liking. I am also a third-year philosophy student but around BASIL I support my great committee members in their tasks when necessary. I look forward to setting up a chill and educational festival.

Hey, I’m Elisa, freshman Cateniaan. I’m currently studying social work. I’m a general member, so you’ll find me mostly with different parts of BASIL. I have worked at the Ekoplaza for years and live as sustainably as possible. Sustainability is in the small things like not using plastic bags but pots. I am grateful and happy that I can plant a seed in half from Basil in the way to sustainability. I’ve been dancing for years, so I’m looking forward to doing a dance with you guys at BASIL ’21.

Hi, I’m Jason. I arrange for all the staff who ensure that you can walk around safely at our cozy festival. In cooperation with all my pleasant committee colleagues, we ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. Organizing Basil helps me a lot with realizing how important sustainability is, and we hope to be able to do the same for you with this great festival!

Hey hey, I’m Jonathan, fifth-grade Cateniaan. I’m taking care of logistics this year, so on Basil himself you’ll probably see me running around trying to sort things out. This is my second time organizing Basil and I also did a board year at Catena last year, so I try to complement the group especially with this experience. My passion for sustainability was greatly stimulated when I first organized Basil and hope to share it with you when I see you. So if you’re there and you come across me, tap me cheerfully and we’ll have a chat!

Hiya, my name is Joyce. I am studying archaeology and enjoying my second year as a Catenian. I’m known for hugging a tree every now and then, because that’s something you’re supposed to do in every country you come to 🙂 When organizing Basil I go about the catering, because of course a festival is not complete without good food! And I’m involved in the promotion. In addition to hugging a tree here and there, I am also consciously working on combating water wastage, recycling and replacing products that cannot be recycled, such as cotton pads.

greetings! I’m Ophir and I’m 24 years old. I have been a regular member of Catena since 2018 and have been a member since 2019. I study biology and I love nature in general. Within this committee I make sure that everything is in the right place at the festival. In my spare time I’m in a band and I’m making music every spare minute. That is why I am happy to help organize the best festival in Leiden; Basil. I myself am a vegetarian, and I am always aware of the impact that man has on the world. For me, climate on one!

Hoihoi, my name is Robin, I’m a third-year Catenian and I’m in my fourth year of Linguistics. This year I have the honour to be chairman of the nicest committee in Catena: the Airco! Sustainability is also of paramount importance to me, and sharing inspiring things is one of my favorite things to do. That, and keeping myself busy, because in recent years I haven’t been idle: two board years, helping out at the Biobeurs, enjoying festivals, making up healthy recipes, and that’s just the beginning of the list. I am very much looking forward to creating a sustainable festival for everyone with this great team. Until then!

Hey, hey! I’m Sanne. Anyone who knows me will say that I have a great passion for music. I am a first-year music therapy student and I take as many festivals and concerts as possible where possible. In addition, I have been making music myself for as long as I can remember. The function I have for organizing BASIL did not come as a surprise, because I will arrange for you cool bands who will provide our festival with the music! The fact that it is not only a music festival but also a sustainable festival is, in my opinion, only nicely taken into account because there should certainly be more attention for that. I hope to see you all on BASIL to take a dance to all the great music!

Hi! I am Simone, 22 years old and I am studying philosophy. But not right now, because I’m doing a full-time board year at Catena! There I hold the position of Assessor Extern, which means that I am much involved in the Airco and Basil. I’m not officially on the committee, but I’m the point of communication between the board and the committee. Also in my daily life I am busy with sustainability and music, so Basil is right on my street! For example, I love plant-based cooking and I like to find plastic-free alternatives to products, and I play ukulele.

Hihoi, I’m Sophia and I’m 22 years old. Last year I studied philosophy in Leiden for a year, but that wasn’t quite for me. Next year I’m going to art school :). This year I help organize Basil where I go about the Activities & Lectures. I think sustainability is super important and try to take this into account in my daily life by eating organic and plant-based, separating waste and reusing a lot (such as using cardboard boxes for dyeing). I also like to walk along with climate marches.