In the menu above you will find our program of music, food and general program.

Our music program consists of fun bands and artists who provide great music. Also, a number are also concerned with sustainability, which makes them a really perfect fit for the Basil festival. Of course, they are also mainly local Leiden bands, so have you always been curious about the Leiden talent? Here’s your chance!

Great food is always nice. Especially when this food has been made conciously. This year’s slogan is ‘Basil, Beasty, Bush’, so we also want to make you aware of how delicious vegetarian and vegan food can be!

In the general program you can easily see what can be experienced where. Would you like to see an artist? Then it is super easy to check on which stage they play and at what time. Of course, there are not only artists, but also lectures and workshops that deal with sustainable living.

Basil’s program is not yet known. We are working hard to create a super cool festival. Follow our Social Media for the first updates!